My Love…

You’re my hero, you’re my hero, you saved me from everything, you saved me from myself because I was deteriorating… You taught me how to speak up, about anything, just anything to the point where anything comes out of my mouth to anyone, you treasure my emotions so much, you handle them with care as you tell me to tell you everything, and even if I don’t, you go inside me and know all my emotions, even before I know them.. You taught me what real protection is, to feel safe and protected with someone, to feel that there’s nothing, absolutely nothing to worry about, if I’m shaking you’re there to hold me and stabilise me.. You taught me what a real best friend is, always wanting to listen to me, discuss everything with me, going hyper with me, random with me, laughing with me and crying with me… You taught me what a real man is, a man with pure emotions, a man with no fear to feel, the strongest form of strength, an endless heart, with never ending love and passion, the manliest man on earth… You taught me what a real soul mate is, someone who feels you from the deepest place, the very core of their soul, someone with an indescribable spiritual connection with you that sparkles your every day, someone you feel you’ve known forever, before you were even born… You taught me what a real husband is, that purely loves me, to care for me, to protect me with all your energy, that knows every thought in my mind, every emotion I experience, every cell in my body, you just know it, you know me, you know me inside out and outside in… You taught me what true love is, the feeling I can never quite describe, that only God has a name for, you physically took me and showed me ‘Lugine, this is love’, you’re the one who did that, do you know what that means to me?

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