How to get (super) dewy, wet-looking skin with affordable make-up…

imageThis isn’t how to get dewy skin, but this is another level of dewy, another level of shine, almost wet-looking skin, so be prepared! I used all drugstore products to achieve this look, except for the foundation (but you can use any products that you like!)

1. Make sure you’ve exfoliated your skin to get rid of any dead skin cells, and you’ve moisturised your face, to ensure the make-up goes on smoothly. I also sprayed rose water on my face to add more glow.
2. A dewy skin look can really highlight a rough skin surface, blemishes, pores, that are not even visible without make-up. So after proper skin-care, you can use a smoothing, pore-minimising primer on certain areas of your face. On the rest of your face, you can apply an illuminating primer. Colour-correct and conceal blemishes if you want to.
3. Apply a thin layer (because we will be adding more!) of illuminating fluid on the tops of your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, your Cupid’s bow, or any area that you want to highlight, and buff that into your skin.
4. Take your favourite foundation (I suggest one that isn’t too heavy and full-coverage) and mix 1-2 drops of oil with it in the back of your hand (I used almond oil). Apply the mixture to your face using your favourite brush, sponge, or fingers. Apply a bit of concealer to any areas you want, and set with a bit of powder. Avoid getting powder on your cheekbones.
5. Add more illuminating fluid after you’ve applied your foundation, to the areas you want to highlight: the tops of your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, your chin, your Cupid’s bow, and the centre of your forehead. I also added additional illuminators of different shades (silver and white) to my cheekbones and above the arch of my eyebrows to create a more dimensional and iridescent effect.
6. Set the illuminating fluid with a bit of illuminating powder
7. I added a few more drops of oil to the highlighted areas using my fingertips.

Products I used..

Make up Forever Ultra HD foundation
KTC almond oil
Bourjois Radiance reveal concealer
No7 translucent loose powder
Rimmel Good to Glow highlighter in the shade ‘soho glow’ – main illuminating fluid
Sleek highlighting pallets, ‘Midas Touch’ and ‘Precious Metals’ to add additional illumination
The Balm Mary-Loumaniser to set the highlight
Sleek Mattes V1 pallet for eyeshadow
BarryM contour kit as bronzer
Revlon highlighting pallete ‘bronze glow’ to add on top of the bronzer
Gosh lip liner in shade ‘Nougat crisp’
Maybelline lip crayon in shade ‘Nude perfection’
NYX lip cream in shade ‘Cairo’

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