Two Makeup Looks: Contouring + No Contouring

These two makeup looks are quite different. I don’t usually contour on a daily basis, since it can look too harsh on my face and I like to do the opposite of trends. But this time I decided to do some of the makeup on trend in the western world at the moment, with some cream contouring and highlighting to really bring out bone structure and definition to the face, in addition to warm-toned elongated smokey eyes, and pouty lips. The other makeup look however has minimal contouring but instead focuses on fresh, dewy skin, minimal eye makeup, with a beautiful reddish-berry lip using Huda Beauty’s lip liner in ‘heart breaker’, I love colours like this paired with simple eyes and volumised lashes.

What makeup looks do you want to see next?! ❤


My Morning Weight Gain Smoothie


Recently, I’ve been trying to gain weight mostly through healthy calories and eating more carbs as I have been advised! I really find this smoothie a brilliant way to gain weight, as it packs 1161 calories, so knowing that I’ve already packed at least 1000 calories in the beginning of my day, makes it so much easier to reach my calorie goal per day. This smoothie is also very handy and quick to make, and fits great into my daily work routine. I have seen good results with this smoothie, in a good amount of time. These are the main ingredients I use..

  • 3 bananas : 300 calories, 60g carbs, 3g protein
  • 3 tbsp honey: 192 calories, 52g carbs,
  • 4 tbsp olive oil: 477 calories, 54g fat
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter: 105 calories, 4g protein, 8g fat,
  • 1 scoop protein powder (I use ON whey protein): 120 calories, 24g protein
  • water to achieve desired consistency and to add hydration to my morning meal (you can add any liquid of your choice perhaps adding even more calories).

1161 calories, 124 carbs, 64g fat, 31g protein

Additional ingredients I sometimes add:

  • 1 avocado: 240 calories
  • 2 scoops protein powder instead of 1: 240 calories

Let me know if this was beneficial to you or if you want more weight gain tips! ♥