My Research on Muscles

My research and what I’m up to with fitness…

There are more than 600 muscles in your body. As you do certain workouts, you are constantly using the same muscles over and over again. As a result, some get over developed and others get under developed. Most workouts also involve you moving in a ‘linear way’.

For example, if you want to work out your arms, you do bicep curls. With this method, you are neglecting a lot of other muscles within your arms. If you work out using ‘angluler’ instead of ‘linear’ methods, your arms will be much more toned.

I am currently researching the different muscles in the body and creating my own workouts designed to target particular parts. This is so important to me as I am more of a muscle girl than a cardio girl and I want to promote weight training to women because (i think) it’s the best ever!

Soon, I will be uploading a fitness guide particularly suited for women (men can follow it to if they want!) that will include great tips and what I personally do as well as improving your overall health, strength, and fitness levels.

Article published on why women should lift weights:

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