Self Comparison

Body Shapes Sketch for blogComparing yourself to others may not necessarily sound too bad, but you must understand that it’s one of these issues that can lower your self-confidence. That is only if you allow it to. Once you start comparing, you will do it again and again, so when will you stop?

I had an issue with comparing myself to celebrities all ranging from models, actresses and singers. I would see what body type category they fit to which was either “skinny” or “curvy”. Then I would ask my mum, “Which one am I?!” Then she answered “Is your heart skinny or curvy?”. I couldn’t reply.

Then I looked up whether I’m a ‘pear’,’apple’,’ruler’…then in a while you’ll see a new body type called wardrobe (who knows?). So I wasn’t just comparing myself to celebrities, but I was comparing myself to fruit.

I researched that you are considered ‘curvy’ if your hips and chest is 10 inches bigger than your waist. Then I started looking at body measurements. All the time, numbers were in my head and I didn’t know where to stop.

The truth is, even if our body measurements are the same, we can still look very different. Apparently I have the same measurements as Kim Kardashian. Do I look anything like her? No! It all depends on how fit we are. Not how we define ourselves with numbers. The truth is, all women are curvy! That’s how we’re made!

I have a friend who always compared herself to me, “I wish I was as skinny as you” and I compared myself to people whose jobs is actually to look good – that is where they get their money from.  So both ways of comparison, they are invalid.

At the end of the day, no matter how much comparison I do, I will not get anywhere. My body and image will improve once I get my butt off the sofa, not by draining my head with endless numbers like weight or body measurements or comparing myself to images of other people.

We will never look the same, or measure the same. All we have to do is make the most out of ourselves because this is what we have. What will YOU get out of YOU?!

Measure the amount of time you can jog, measure the amount of positive comments you can give to yourself, measure the love surrounding you, measure your blessings, instead of measuring your waist…


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