• Have good mind-muscle connection for quick results. Just focus on the muscles you are working.
  • At the end of the day, thank your body for allowing you to move and do so well.
  • Lose the music for a bit! Do you listen to music every time you work out? Create variety, listen to yourself and give your muscles 100% attention. Listen to music to keep you going, but know when you need a break from it because you can keep yourself going.
  • Yoga or stretching – great to do while muscles are recovering. It is beneficial for your overall well being and the better the well being, the more muscles will be attracted to you!
  • At the end of every other workout, finish off with 1-3 sets of 1 minute planks. This is to keep your abs ‘conditioned’ and tight after stretching them.
  • Plan! Keep a log of your current workouts, including how many reps/sets/weights you do to keep track of your progress and to know when to have new workout routine
  • Definitely change your workout schedule every 4-6 weeks, as muscles get bored and stop reacting as much when they’re used to particular movements.
  • Always listen to your body!

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