Great Tips for Great Skin

Do you have tips for great skin? Comment below!

  1. If you mist your face with a toner, remember to inhale to maximise the benefits of the essential oils. Take a few minutes to massage your moisturiser into your face – this will encourage circulation and oxygenation of the cells.
  2. Have a clean, healthy, balanced diet with heaps of fresh, organic vegetables and drink lots of water everyday. Also, meditation and exercise help to clear out your skin by relieving stress and balancing hormones.
  3. Be happy! Smile! Love yourself! Take some time out for yourself to just enjoy, whether it’s swimming, going out for a walk, having a massage or just reading a book in the beautiful sunshine. How about meditation or yoga? They help to oxygenate your cells!
  4. Exfoliate and dry brush. This helps to remove dead skin cells and makes sure your skin absorbs all the nutrients from your moisturiser. In addition, increased blood flow and glowing skin!
  5. Sleep well! Atleast 7-8 hours a day, you can even take a nap in the afternoon! This helps your skin, and your whole body to just restore and keep fresh. Make sure your sleeping environment is calm and clear and try to sleep on clean cotton sheets if possible.
  6. Enjoy fresh air by leaving a window open. If it’s winter, just leave it open throughout the day to allow negative ions and fresh air to flow through.
  7. Water! Drinking at least 2 litres of filtered water a day will help ensure your skin is glowing and it flushes out toxins. I usually carry a 1 litre BPA free bottle of water with me.
  8. Clean your make-up brushes every week
  9. Never, no matter what, sleep with make-up! Wash your make-up off when you get back home, not right before bed.
  10. Wash your face after exercise, you don’t want sweat settling in your face!
  11. Discover the oil cleansing method
  12. For random spots that just come out of nowhere, pure tea tree oil is the best treatment, alternatively, apple cider vinegar
  13. Make sure your pillows are clean
  14. Make sure your beauty products have not passed their ‘period after opening’ or ‘PAO’ which is essentially a use-by date. Check for this logo:
It means: Once opened, consume within 12 months.



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