Female Fitness – Skinny/Curvy


I tried gaining weight and I tried losing weight. However, I felt a lack of independence when I always looked for other people to change my mind view of the perfect body. You see Miranda Kerr look beautiful, while on the other side, so does Beyonce. Female bodies are categorised into ‘skinny’ and ‘curvy’. If you are not one of them, you have no where to go.

I tried being ‘skinny’. I thought it was good to look like that. Most girls around me wanted to look like that. However, when I tried it, I felt unfeminine and undefined. I felt shapeless. Everywhere, on magazines, on advertisements, and on the internet, female fitness consists of ‘how to lose’. I hate the word ‘lose’. Although I wanted to lose weight, I felt small when I said it. I remember a Kellogs Special K advert saying “What will you gain when you lose?” I smiled, because I want to gain. Whenever I looked at beautiful skinny women, I thought “Wow, they sure look great!” but why do I look bad when I’m skinny? I didn’t feel satisfied when I was skinny because it simply wasn’t me.

From this, I learned that every body type or shape is beautiful – not everyone is the same when they are ‘skinny’.

Due to discovering the ‘skinny’ side of things, I wanted to discover the ‘curvy’ side.

What is being curvy?

Please define it. Is it really Kim Kardashian, Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez? Or is every woman curvy in their special way? Miranda Kerr is also curvy. Dita Von Teese is also curvy. But why do they all have different body measurements? It is because every woman is sculpted differently, but still – with curves. Even men have curves! So ‘curvy’ is not a word I like because it does not have an exact definition. It is used to describe very random things because everything is somehow curvy. My phone, the TV, the fridge (just a little), the tree and nearly everything and everyone else…

So, I have fallen in love with the word ‘sculpt’. It’s like an art form – a beautiful way to describe our beautiful bodies. You rarely see a ‘sculpted phone’ or a ‘sculpted TV’. It also gives you an area of freedom and independence because you can choose what to sculpt. You have more than 600 muscles in your body, so play with them!

YOU are beautiful when you are HEALTHY ❤


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