You have choice!

You always hear that you have a choice, but what does it actually mean? Usually, people think that they have a choice when there is a decision to make. However, I think differently. I believe that you have a choice in how to live every moment in your life. Every moment in your day can be special, you don’t have to win the lottery or travel to another country to have special moments. For me, those little moments in the day are actually what makes up my life, memories and smiles. Regardless of the decisions you make, rules in your house (if you live at home with family), or any ‘barriers’, you have that choice. Be free! Freedom doesn’t mean that your parents let you out the house whenever you can, it is simply a thing from within that makes you truly free in how you live every moment, emotions, actions, and reactions. Choose to make the most out of every moment in your life, and love it!

For example, I had a big argument with my mum the other day, and it lasted for 30 minutes. It was rage. Shouting, screaming, swearing and just pure anger. Afterwards, I thought about all the energy we wasted on that fight. I told my mum that we could have used that energy to create peace (yes, I’m cheesy). We could have cooked something together, danced together, even given charity online. However, was it really wasted energy? No, because we learnt something from it. Choose to make the most out of your mistakes. Learn from them and carry on. Not everyone gains the same lessons from mistakes, so praise it when you truly learn from your mistake. Let it help to develop yourself.

Essentially, you choose how you spend your energy, you can use it to create peace, happiness, and love in every moment in your life. Regardless of where you live, who you live with, rules, or any barriers. That is freedom.

In my eyes, there are two ways of doing something. Say you want to tone up and slim down. You can do it because you hate your body, you dislike your physical features and want to change. And you can do it because you love your body, want to improve yourself, and want to discover and grow with yourself in your amazing body and journey. There are two ways in how you eat that tub of ice cream. Enjoy it, make the most out of that moment and smile as you eat it, or think ‘this is going to make me fat, I’m going to regret this, I hate my life’. There are two ways to do almost everything, enjoy it and make the most out of every moment! You have a choice!


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