How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise…

1.Take it bit by bit. 5 minutes? 10 minutes? 90 minutes? Be patient with yourself and you will get there. You can’t magically turn into Usain Bolt overnight, but you can be even better if you give it time and love. Do something that you love, whether it’s a weighted zumba class, a walk in the park or even a charity run!

2. Exercise not because you have to, but because you want to. The next thing is to figure out why you want to. This reason(s) might be as clear as water, but I still want you to write them down. Keep it simple, just 2-3 reasons will do. With that reason or list of reasons, I want you to re-in force it into your brain. Basically, keep repeating those reasons to yourself everyday. View that list every morning. This tactic integrates the reasons into your mind, so you automatically exercise, because essentially, it becomes your intention. You do it without even thinking. The next thing I want to talk about are the actual reasons. Are they purely for you? Are you going to exercise to please yourself? No, girls may not necessarily desire you if you put on 100lbs of muscles, so don’t do it for the girlies. Losing weight isn’t going to get you more socially accepted. When the reasons are purely for you and your benefit, you are going to naturally exercise because you love it, desire it, and deserve it. Not only that, but I believe that you get much better (and quicker!) results when you do it for yourself and with love regarding your body.

3. Clarity. Be clear on your goals. Clarity is power, what do you really want? You can say that you want food, and I can give you broccoli. I gave you what you wanted but you actually want ice-cream. Be precise and clear on what you want, the more you’re clear, the more tied up to exercise you will be.

4. Use Visualisation to help motivate yourself. Imagine yourself in your own body reaching that goal. Maybe the first thing you’ll notice is that you are happier within that image of yourself, because you have the body you desire. But I want you understand that getting that body you desire is not going to bring you happiness. Happiness is only a choice, and you choose to unleash it when you view yourself in the mirror and those jeans perfectly fit you or your muscles are poking out of your shirt. You think ‘Oh…I like that, I’m happy’. But no, happiness only comes from within, so choose to unleash it now and imagine how proud of you will be of yourself when you reach that goal. Smile now! I dare you!

5. For results, you really need consistency. You need to create a reliable program for yourself, that suits you and your lifestyle so you can stick to it. That doesn’t mean you do the same thing every time you exercise, you can do something fun and different each session! But it means that you have a set amount of time when you can just move your body. For example, Mon-Fri, cardio for 40 minutes. The effects of it builds up by time. You instantly feel great and more livelier because of the feel-good hormones. Gradually, you become more energetic and light on your feet. And finally, your body starts to shape itself according to your workouts. Don’t exercise just for the results, look for all the benefits that you gain from it.

6. No one is stopping you. Tell yourself to just do it, because you are the only one in control.


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