Is Perfection Possible?

Get out of social media for a minute. Observe what is does to people’s minds. It’s like the TV/internet telling you, “Come here, compare yourself to him/her. How to lose those thunder thighs. How to be great in bed”. All this for what? To achieve ‘perfection’? Perfection is only a word that means something when we, humans, put a value to it. ‘Skinny’ only means something because we put a value to it. Wait…I don’t even know who or what made skinny to be ‘the attractive’. Back to social media…oh wait. Did you look at media 20/40/100 years ago? Are you going to allow the phases of social media to become your phases too? In 20 years, what is going to be the meaning of perfection? Is it going to be the person with the shortest fingers and the longest neck? Yes, that doesn’t sound very attractive, but the clever media will make it look appealing to you. I’m not saying never watch a fashion show or read Cosmopolitan, that is merely your choice. But I’m saying that you only have yourself, use YOURSELF to be the best that you can be in YOUR life. That is perfection. It is knowing you have potential to do anything, to love yourself, and smile because you are who you are. Nothing is going to change that.

Social media is temporary, it changes everyday and tries to promote perfection. While you are a permanent being, that IS perfection. You will always have yourself.



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