The Power of Intention

 intentionIntention is such a powerful tool that we all have. When you have strong intention behind something, you are almost unstoppable. Intention is what creates success, results, and power. Your intentions/how you view things actually become your reality. For example, when I had personal family problems, I had to go visit a counsellor every week. It really didn’t help, because my intention was ‘only I can help myself’. That psychologist/professional with 10 degrees in university isn’t going to help unless you allowed him/her to. You have control over anything that may affect you. It’s all in your intention.

How intention becomes your reality…

  • Intention to start the day:

‘It’s a new day, with wonderful things yet to happen!’ —> Makes you motivated to get out of bed. I can associate happiness, love, and excitement to this intention. It shows that this person will see the beauty in the day.


‘Uugh…I don’t want to get up, my day will be so boring’ —> What can you associate to this intention? Imagine how the whole day will look like…

  • Intention to work/revision/studying/homework:

‘I don’t have to do this, I choose to do this because it might get me somewhere tomorrow’ —> Hope, success, results


‘Why do I have to do this? It’s not going to get me anywhere now’ —>Discouraging, demotivating

Be careful what you look for because you will find it… 

You will attract what you look for. Sometimes, a certain car is in my mind, lets say a red Mini Cooper? When I go out, I notice it a lot more than usual and I think ‘wait…I swear there usually isn’t that much red Minis’. I go through a BWW z-series phase, exactly the same thing happens. It’s because I’m looking for it, so I will find it, it’s in my intention.

It’s the same thing with relationships. Did you dig deeper to find what you are really looking for in a relationship? Because your hidden intention could be ‘I am looking for someone I can grow with spiritually’ or ‘I want someone who just accepts me as I am’. It’s because your not just looking for any relationship, you have certain specifications you desire in a person, and you need to know them. When you get to know more of you and more of your intentions, you WILL attract the right person. That person can be right under your feet. Know what you really want, it can take time to realise!


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