Who am I?/Why do I exist?

You have the choice to create yourself, but do you wonder, ‘Who am I?’, ‘Why do I exist?’, ‘What is my purpose in life?’.

I’ll try not to philosophise too much, but naturally, we seek the answers to those questions.

Who am I? 

Such a deep question, but firstly, I’m me, I’m human. But what does being human actually mean?

I used to think that ‘I’ am a person, with a personality that I naturally have and I input certain characteristics within my personality to shape who I really am.You get those characteristics from the outside world. Close people (such as family/friends), and successful people. Did you ever have a friend with a unique way of talking and tried to imitate him/her? To gain ‘popularity’, attention, and attraction? If I’m into a certain type of fashion sense, music sense, that all, to me, shaped who I am. It’s your prestige, how you look in front of others, and your social life. You act cool, people think you’re cool, so you know you’re cool. People are almost a confirmation to you, securing you, and altering you. All this, so you have self acceptance and happiness. All we want as humans is to be happy.

Now, I think differently (and I’ll try and explain as best as I can!)…

We are a thing, a ball of energy with no names or labels. We are all made of that same ball of energy. We all have that in common and we are basically the same, equal by nature. With that energy that we all have, we literally have potential to do anything. I’m talking about the most basic thing that makes us, not our skin, not our minds, but our souls. Within our souls, there’s energy. We need to unlock that energy because there’s endless amounts of it, it’s a whole new universe. It’s magic, and yet, science can’t unlock everything about it. Do you picture that glowing ball of energy? Close your eyes, dismantle your body, until you reach deep down, to your soul. Reach even deeper to that ball of energy…you almost feel it in your heart. Connect with it, feel the freedom within it. Do you get the picture that we are all made of the same, basic component? Back to that ball of energy within us, I want you to add your mind to it. Your mind full of thoughts, decisions, and logic. You almost feel ‘back to earth’, instead of ‘in another universe’. Do you see how our minds put barriers? From that powerful magical, unlimited ball of energy to that logical, rational, component that makes us act, react, believe/think in a certain style. To your mind that puts unnecessary barriers, making you lack believe in yourself. You say ‘I can’t’, because that is what your mind is telling you. When the truth it, ‘I can’, because we are all made of the same thing. We all have equal potential, we just have to unlock it. How does your mind put barriers or affect your self believe? Your mind can limit your imagination. You need to connect it to your heart and soul. Your mind is so powerful, it controls your thinking and how you act. You want your mind to carry out these functions on the basis of who you really are, that unlimited ball of energy. Not those artificial characteristics that you input into yourself. Your mind is bare to all those things in the outside world like ‘personality features’, my outer appearance, how others think of me/label me, my success in the amount of money I can gain or the grades I can get, my weight, my music sense that people like. These things will never define you, and at the end of the day, they will never get you happiness, because those things are not who you are. Be aware of what you and others are made of, we are all equal, and feed your mind with nature because that is where we all come from. Believe in yourself, create yourself with your inner energy. Create your intentions because they become your reality. Connect with your mind, body and heart. Communicate with them. Everything in your body is inter connected, and believe it or not, everything on Earth is inter connected. Dig deeper to that ball of energy you have.

Why do I exist?

Everything has a purpose, everything has a reason. We don’t know all the reasons, and sometimes, it’s impossible to know. As I said, we all have that amazing, limitless ball of energy and we could use it to do almost anything. In your life, regardless of how you look at it, you have achieved something. Whether it’s cooking that bowl of porridge, giving kind words to that friend of yours, or winning that athletics trophy. No matter how big or small, you somehow leave a mark of yourself on Earth. Every single one of us is special enough and is chosen to have that ball of energy. Every one of us has a choice in how to use that energy. Make the most out of it, how much energy will you unlock from that inner universe of yours? You have the choice to make the most out of it. Happiness is inside you, not in the outside world. Nothing in the outside world will bring you happiness unless you allow it to (you choose to unleash inner happiness). Then you think ‘ Oh…listening to this song makes me happy’, or ‘This food makes me happy’, but it’s not, it’s all inside of you! Connect with that limitless ball of energy of yours, choose to smile and be happy. Use that positivity and happiness to put a smile on somebody else’s face. Influence others and inspire others, each one of us has a uniquely different story. Whoever you are, you can be positive. Whoever you are, you can be productive. Who ever you are, you can rock this world with your energy. Remember, that you have a choice in how you spend it.

Wondering what your purpose in life is? Well, what is everyone else’s purpose in life, if we are all made of the same thing?


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