Be Free


Sometimes I feel like people don’t actually know how much freedom they lack. They can’t even think with the mind they have, they don’t know how controlled it is by other mediums. They don’t own it. It’s almost like we need to go back to birth and re-learn everything we know, so we are socialised neutrally and look at the world and fellow creatures with a neutral perspective rather than a biased one, full of pre-conceptions, stereotypes, and labels. We like to label things, everything, even emotions, as ‘good’ and ‘bad’, but we need to let go off any labels and experience life first hand. To me, that’s true freedom. To be able to own your own thoughts rather than have them fed to you, subconsciously that you don’t even know it. You don’t know how much ownership you actually have of your mind. It’s time to start realising and to let go off how you are psychologically controlled. Realise how the system of the world feeds you, and owns you to create barriers between one another. Inside we are all made of the same substance, we are all human, and instead of judging others, empathise with them, no matter how different they are because that way you are only being opened to love more. You need to be curious and learn consciously rather than being subconsciously ignorant (not realising your thoughts are being controlled by other means) or being consciously ignorant. That’s why I’m always curious and ask questions about people who live a different life to me, who have different beliefs or faiths or cultures to me, instead of holding onto stereotypes, instead, I try to experience as much as I can. That’s why I want to travel the world so much, to immerse myself with different people.

Back to how we are controlled, even the pure, natural water that we drink has chemicals and contaminants in it, while the food that we eat contains additions that are not needed, increasing the gap between us and nature. Even the fact that your skin care routine involves scrubbing, cleansing, washing, toning and moisturising is fed to you. The fact that we condition our hair after we shampoo is fed to us – apparently you can just use water to wash your hair with no shampoo. The simplest things in our everyday lives are fed to us. The fact that people celebrate New Years, or even birthdays, for example, is fed to us, it’s not necessary. The clothes you currently wear is fed to you by fashion designers. Why can’t guys wear skirts? If a guy walks around in a skirt, people would laugh. Why? Because society painted a picture of how a guy should look like a feed it to you, that’s why you laugh. Even sex is fed to us, instead of it being natural and instinctive, society gives us a picture of ‘this is how you do it’. Porn gives people unrealistic images of how it should be and how our bodies should look like, which contradicts the quality of intimacy and love in real life. Our physical picture and traits are fed to us by society. If a woman is covered head to toe in black fabric, she is seen as ‘oppressed’ and a woman wearing g-strings is seen as ‘free’, but also may be labelled as a ‘slut’. We are the ones that are oppressed for having these pre-conceptions.

Even religion has lost its true meaning because it’s fed to us by society. Now, it’s about labels. It’s not about the direct relationship between an individual and God any more. If someone has a problem, and I tell them to talk to God, they respond ‘I don’t have a religion, how am I supposed to talk to God?’, that doesn’t make any sense to me, society feeds us that God is a religion, another label. I tell them forget religion, just simply talk to God with a strong intention. Society tells us that you must have a label e.g. religion, or to be a ‘right’ person to talk to God. Wow, can’t we just be us with no labels?

Even the killing of just one person at a certain place in the world is seen by society as more important than the killing of 100 people elsewhere. Human life is human life, why does it matter where in the world it is? The killing of people who come from the ‘civilised’ countries are the ones that matter. Again, the system of the world is working, and it’s the one you listen to.

I learn so much from everyone I meet and I have a friend who challenges the way I think, she doesn’t mean it, but she puts direct stereotypes on me regarding the geographical region I’m from and faith, and I end up feeling like I have no individuality, but also, everyone from my origin has no individuality because they’re all being stereotyped. But when she stereotypes, she doesn’t mean it in a bad way, it’s just the way she’s socialised to think. She’s subconsciously ignorant, and that’s a blunt judgement from me (wait… wasn’t I the one saying ‘don’t judge’?!). Not just her, but a lot of people in the world, including me, follow the system of the world to think in a certain way which is subconsciously ignorant. We need to wake up and realise how we are being controlled and manipulated, and start to own our minds and bodies and experience things first-hand with no pre-conceptions.


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