Patience & Motivation


Patience is a great life skill to have. It is particularly important to reach your health and fitness goals. These goals can be achieved in weeks, months or even years. Some people can have the strongest mindset to reach a certain goal, but what puts them off is the amount of time to get there. “Why should I train to get results in 9 months?” “Why do I need to gain muscle for 2 years and lose fat for a year?”

This is the time to really discipline yourself and be motivated to do anything you want through setting strong intention to why you want it. But instead, I want you to actually think about the journey you are taking, not just the results. The journey can be great and on the other hand it can be awful, depending on how you choose to see it. Make the most out of it because you can be healthier every single day. Learn what new things you discover about yourself everyday. Going after that health/fitness goal may take you to places that you have never been before, and a new experience with your own body. Love your body because it is what helps you get to where you want.  And after a hard working period, you get your prize! When you really think through it positively, you will realise that the most important change that occurred is more mental than physical. You are a lot more confident by achieving what you worked for. I love that feeling. Just saying to myself that I am on a journey puts a smile on my face. If you are struggling with motivation, remember that YOU are in control of that, think about why you want to reach that goal. Are you doing it purely because of you or someone/something else? Everyday, just review the reasons on why you want to exercise and eat healthily, just keep repeating them so they are well grounded in your brain.

Achieving what you want by diet and exercise will feel so much better than going to a plastic surgeon. Help yourself, help your soul!

Whenever you find yourself putting excuses to do with the time it takes to get there, STOP!! Go and do something active. NOW! Throw these thoughts in the bin – they are not realistic.

1- Would you rather stay like that for another 5-10 years?

2- Or would you like to change in that specific time span?

I choose the second one! There is no person who will experience this amazing journey other than you – because all our ‘journeys’ are very unique. Learn more about yourself. Love yourself. There is no other person you live with more than yourself, so make the most out of YOU!

Remember that results can take time, but healthy starts from NOW!


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