Looking in the Mirror…

179865If you look in the mirror and say you’re big, you will be big. If you look in the mirror and say you’re small, you will be small. Being ‘big’ or ‘small’ may not even be true but just telling yourself something reinforces it into your brain. When it is reinforced into your brain, it is reinforced into your eyes, your ears, your heart. And remember when it is reinforced into your eyes, and you continue to look in the mirror, you continue to listen to those judgements. You need to break the desire to make self-judgements. It can be like an addiction- you give yourself five new judgements everyday without realising it. Then your motivation starts to slow down. What do you make these judgements upon?

1- You need to understand that there is a natural desire within us that gets self-doubt. If you work with it positively, it can lead you to improve yourself. To learn from yourself. If you use it negatively it can cause you to dig a hole where you compare yourself to others. When you look in the mirror and not feel satisfied. When your motivation is lost because you’re ‘below average’ or ‘unsatisfactory’. Wait… YOU are putting yourself in this place and YOU can pull yourself from this place just like how you pushed yourself to get there.

2- As I said, after you make certain judgements and it reinforces into you, you will look at your life from a very different perspective. When I used to THINK that I’m big/fat/need to lose weight (and that was never really true), I used to always remind myself of that when I looked in the mirror. When it got ‘reinforced’ without any effort,because that was my belief/intention. It’s like my eyes were this ‘magnet’ for adverts on losing weight, the desire to be skinny and just skinny people. It’s not a coincidence, your intention becomes your reality.

After successfully losing weight, I didn’t like it! All these emotions, all that negative thinking and obsession I gave to myself just for wanting to be skinny when I wasn’t in the first place big!! I was actually already skinny! What caused me to do that was my power of belief and that natural desire of ‘self doubt’ that we all get. I gave myself an idea and I believed it so all my eyes would see is ‘big’.

This ‘natural desire of self doubt’ isn’t a bad thing. It’s a natural feature within us that reminds us to get better or improve. We must work with it positively because we can control it. It is actually the most powerful tool to be truly BEAUTIFUL.

Use the power of belief to be beautiful. Look in the mirror and say “I am beautiful”. Reinforce it into your brain, then your heart and senses. You will SEE your beauty because it is reinforced into your eyes. You will HEAR your beauty because you automatically absorb all the positive feedback to you whilst rejecting comments or judgements that are not true about you. Whether that’s from you or other people. Your soul will flourish into a sea of beauty. You will love the feeling.

So now I KNOW that I am beautiful.

‘Know’ when to use the word ‘think’.

I KNOW everyone can be beautiful because everyone can actually take control of their own life and make it beautiful.

Because I am beautiful, I want to improve myself even more and become the best, strongest version of me. Imagine if everyone had that mind set and desire to become the best and strongest version of theirselves based on the belief of love and the fact that their beauty is a reality….


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