Stamina & Exercise

  • Visualisation: If you find yourself getting tired when working out, visualise how you want to feel like and look like. An image of you reaching that goal!
  • Breathing: It can be easy to forget to properly breath while exercising. It’s because your brain is occupied with movement and your unconsciously lose control of your breathing patterns. Just take a deep breath into your lungs and out through your mouth. Keep doing it and smile!
  • Intention: Have the intention that you can actually do it. ‘I can’. Keep saying that. Believe in yourself, believe that you can do it. You have so much to discover about yourself and your amazing body. You ARE capable of doing anything, literally. Just believe it and give it a try.
  • Do what you love: Walking is great, and fast paced walking can actually burn more fat than jogging! Do you like swimming? Dancing? Even workouts in your warm, pretty room?
  • Challenge yourself: Everyday, just make a new challenge. You will be amazed to where you’ll get. If you can do only 10 minutes of cardio today, do 15 minutes tomorrow. Imagine where you’ll be in a month! You’ll be Usain Bolt!
  • HIIT Cardio: Try HIIT cardio, it burns more fat than normal cardio and can dramatically help your stamina. Available on:
  • Water: Have a bottle of water next to you so you are constantly hydrated. Have you tried coconut water? It’s full of potassium and electrolytes that instantly hydrate your body more than normal water.
  • Put your mind in the muscle: Really concentrate on the specific muscles you are working, let your energy flow through them. Doing this will also give you quick results!
  • Relax: When you need to relax, just relax! Don’t overwork yourself. Listen to your beautiful body. Make sure you recover well after every exercise.



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