Abs are so important to train because it helps your posture and strength with other workouts. Activating your inner ab muscles that are almost like a corset pulling your core in is just as important as activating your outer abs, that are responsible for the 6-pack look.

Planks – must be done! 

They target the whole of your core, specifically the inner abs. Once you can do 3 sets for more than 1-2 minutes, you can start adding weights on your back for more challenge. Alternatively, lift one leg up.

  • Russian twists 

  • V-sit 

  • Hanging knee raise (with pull up bar) 

  • Lying leg raise 

  • Gorilla crunch

  • Crunch Variations

It is important to do different variations of a workout so your muscles don’t get bored and stop reacting. The video above shows many variations of crunches that are useful to input in your ab routine.


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