Rose Water

 Uses and Beauty Secrets with Rose Water!


I’m currently loving rose water too much, I spray it everywhere, it smells amazing, and it’s a great, natural, cheap alternative to more processed beauty products. It is high in vitamin A, C, as well as antioxidants, it can be taken internally for overall better health (read below) or it can be used on skin and hair for its hydrating and anti-bacterial properties. If you intend on buying rose water, make sure the ingredients in it only says ‘water’ or ‘roses’ with no other additive and make sure it is clear in colour.

  1. The best lip exfoliant you can use (in my opinion). Why? Rose water instantly improves blood circulation, therefore it deepens the colour of your lips while still providing hydration. How? On a cotton pad, apply a bit of rose water with a little oil (preferably castor oil) and start to exfoliate your lips with it, removing any dead skin cells and watch your lips go red. Afterwards, coat your lips with oil or your favourite lip moisturiser.

Secret beauty tip: If you’re applying make up, do this step first so when it comes to applying any lip colour, your lips are smooth, well hydrated and plumb.

2. Make-up remover, again I apply it on a cotton pad mixed with castor oil (or coconut oil) and it’s a great gentle eye make up remover as it helps your lashes to grow and to stay conditioned. Gently place the cotton pad on your eyes for a few seconds and softly pull it downwards so it removes any excess mascara or eye-liner (I find this to be the best method for removing all the stubborn traces of make-up, but make sure not to get it into your eyes!)

3. A refreshing Facial spray, that ensures your skin is hydrated which you can use at any time of the day to quickly relax and cool down. Just simply pour rose water in a spray bottle and take it with you everywhere!

Secret beauty tip: Rose water can be used as a natural and cheap alternative to a make-up setting spray, giving you a glowy finish.

4. Skin toner, applying rose water with a cotton pad on your face helps to tighten up your pores and balance the pH of your skin. It also helps to hydrate dry skin as well as to balance oil control. Rose water has anti-bacterial properties, making it highly beneficial for getting rid of acne.

Secret beauty tip: you can use rose water mixed with tea tree oil or lemon juice for a spot-on pimple treatment.

5. Dark circle/puffy eyes treatment – For dark circles, simply apply some rose water to a cotton pad and leave on the under eye area for about 5 minutes, it improves blood circulation and banishes the darkness. For puffy or irritated eyes, lightly press the cotton pads over your eyes for a few minutes.

6. Hair and Skin conditioner, simply mixing it with your favourite hair or skin moisturisers helps to further boost hydration levels, keeping your hair and skin smoother for longer (and also makes them smell like roses!). Rose water is also said to improve hair growth.

Secret beauty tip: rose water can be used as a hair detangler, simply spray it on your hair or your brush to get tangles out and add extra shine.

7. It can be used as a hair rinse – after you shampoo and condition, you can rinse your hair with a cup of rose water for extra hydration levels and shine without washing it out. Alternatively, you can mix it with your shampoo as it has anti-septic properties which helps to combat dandruff or an irritated scalp.

8. A very rosey room refresher or fragrance – I am addicted to spraying it everywhere because it just helps to keep everything smelling fresh but also the anti-bacterial properties in it keeps my room more hygienic. I love spraying it on my bed, pillows, curtains, and me!

Secret tip: if I can’t wake up in the morning, I spray it upwards in the air so it eventually lands very lightly on me, the smell instantly awakens and energises me to get up.

Secret tip 2: you can use rose water as a natural deodorant by itself or mix it with a bit of coconut oil to prevent body odour and condition your skin. 

9. Drink it! Adding a tablespoon or two in water makes a relaxing, refreshing drink improving your hydration levels. I especially love drinking it if I feel light headed because it energises me up instantly.

I am currently mixing rose water with oil to use as a nail moisturiser as it has anti-bacterial properties which helps to keep the nails clean.

Extra tip: dip cutlery in water mixed with 5 tbsps of rose water as an ‘anti-bacterial’ rinse and to help them stay super shiny and clean.

What are your favourite uses of rose water? Please comment below!

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