Arm Workouts

To achieve lean arm muscle…

I recommend using really light weights (0.5 kg) for high reps. This creates stress in the arm muscles to increase endurance and strength. It will help you achieve a toned look as these workouts help to pull and bolt the muscles in to create lean appearance, unlike other workouts that rip and repair muscles to create a ‘bulky’ appearance.

With these workouts, brain to muscle connection is key. As you move, put your mind in the muscles and let your energy flow through your arms beautifully.

The two videos above are highly effective and they should be done about 3 times a week. You can mix and match as well! Why not do the first one twice on Monday, the second one once on Wednesday (to put less stress on your arms) and do both videos on Friday?

Hand Grippers

I try to use these little beauties a few times a week for extra endurance. It helps you to automatically work out a load more muscles in your arms as well as your hands and wrists. Try gripping them slowly and releasing or see how many quick reps you can do. They’re also great to use at any time of the day, like when you’re watching TV!


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