Making Judgements


Staying away from making judgements is one of the most useful things that bring inner peace. I used to be so negative, judging people on a global scale, ‘Why do we harm innocent animals?’, ‘Why do we spend so much on war?’, ‘Why are humans the cause of so much evil?’. On the other hand, I could actually use my energy, passion and love to make a difference to this world, just like how anyone else can. Later, I told myself not to look at 100 global problems, but to just focus on myself. It’s like my heart was telling my brain, ‘Where have you been, you were all the way in Africa when you could have been here with me’. How often do you actually connect your heart and mind?

When I started concentrating more on myself and my personal development, I became so much more aware of who I really am. I discover new things about myself every single day. I am endless, because everything I look for in the outside world can be within me. Within me, there is emotion, imagination and a whole universe. We have so much to discover about ourselves that we don’t have enough time to discover what’s behind other people’s actions. You only have control over your actions, just like any individual. The main difference is, you don’t know people’s motivations or intentions on why or how they act. Only they are aware and are content of their selves. Don’t judge why X killed Z, because you don’t fully know their mindset. Yes, killing is bad, but the truth is, anyone can do it, it’s all a matter of choice. Any human can achieve greatness, in fact, any human is greatness. It’s all a matter of intention behind what we do.

At the end of the day, no matter how much judgements you make, will you get anywhere? They can be a waste of your energy. Use your energy to discover yourself, create love and give love. If you are unhappy with something in this world, do something positive about it. Why not just talk to yourself and your family? Why not start a blog or join a charity? Just to something, it’s better than doing nothing!


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