Colombian Arepas!

DSC_0462 Seriously, the most gorgeous thing ever…

I spent (literally) 2 hours trying to make the perfect arepas, and I did it! I tried different recipes, and stuffed some with goats cheese and feta cheese, made small ones, big ones, fat ones, and tried not to eat them all before I take  pictures of them!

The secret to making them super delicious is to add a teeny bit of milk, a pinch of sugar, melted butter, and lots of mozzarella!

I didn’t weigh my ingredients, so here we go…

  • Warm water
  • Pre-cooked cornmeal (Harina P.A.N.)
  • A cube of butter, melted
  • A large pinch of salt and a small pinch of sugar
  • Lots of mozzarella
  • A teeny bit of warm milk
  • And love!


I poured the water in a bowl and added the flour, mixing with my fingers until it formed a dough. Then, I added the melted butter, salt, sugar and started kneading. Finally, I put the mozzarella in, making sure everything sticks together beautifully. I added a bit of warm milk so the mixture is moist, yet, easy to shape. You can apply some oil to your hands so it doesn’t stick, and form a soft ball with the mixture. Afterwards, place it on an oiled plate and slap it so it flattens. Take a round bowl and place it on top of the arepa so it comes out perfectly circular – alternatively, you can just use your hands to shape it. Then, I gently placed it on a buttered non-stick pan. I left it for about 8 minutes on one side, and flipped it so the other side is golden brown. Repeat the process until all the mixture is used and make more (what I did)!

My dad said it’s one of the best things he’s ever tasted (woohoo!) and my cat was growling, trying to munch on any available crumbs on the floor, like he’s never seen food before!

A fat arepa stuffed with melted goat’s cheese… Super yummy! I spread the cheese on one arepa, then added another one on top, & pressed the edges together so they merge into one.


My first, not very sure what I was doing Arepas… I made them just using mozzarella, flour, water, and salt, but also shaped them using my hands!





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