imageI find it surprising that whenever I look for something, I find it. I wrote about it before as it all relies on intention and your intention is exactly what you find. Like one day I’m thinking about the significance of our eyes and why they are labeled “the window of our souls” and the next day, my mum was watching a short documentary on specifically that topic. It happens to me all the time, it’s crazy. I think it’s the type of focus and clarity you give something, it gives you focus and clarity back.

In addition, if you have aims you want to reach, having the intention of ‘what I seek is also seeking me’ will inevitably get you closer to your goal. Whether it’s an academic desire to get better, get fitter, or become the strongest version of yourself.

What are you thinking of, and simultaneously find around you?




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  1. I often use this quote as an inspiration when seeking my goals and dreams. If we focus on this and keep it at the front of our consciousness, we usually meet with what we want very quickly 🙂

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