My experience with waist training.


My experience with waist training after one month… 

I’ve always wanted a waist trainer, but I was somehow hesitant to if it actually works, is it safe, and what’s the point if I can just workout to get the shape I want?  So far, I have lost 1.5″ off my waist, down to 23.5″ and I’m actually quite surprised because I didn’t think it would be that effective on me. After just one to two weeks of wearing it I’ve noticed that it helps to flatten my stomach and enhance my shape more. Also, my favourite feature about the waist trainer is that it significantly improved my posture and it’s more second-nature to me to have a better posture even if I’m not wearing it. I never wanted to get a waist trainer as a weight loss medium, in fact, I’m actually trying to gain weight, but I wanted it to improve my body shape more, and attain a smaller waist, which is what I prefer on myself, (I’m not trying to portray that this is the ideal body type in any way, I’m just expressing what I prefer on myself and sharing my experience with my readers!).

Is waist training safe?

As far as I know, waist training is safe, in contrast to corset training which if it’s too tight, it does potentially squeeze your organs in. As long as you keep safe with waist training, making sure it’s not too tight, making sure you can breathe properly (I thought I wouldn’t be able to breathe, but this was not the case, and the lady at the store told me it’s the perfect size because it doesn’t feel too tight, and I’m able to breathe). Therefore, taking it bit by bit, making sure you have the right size for you, it should be safe, however, always consult your physician before trying anything new!

How does waist training work?

Making sure you have the right size, so it’s tight but doesn’t cause any discomfort, you adjust it on the widest set of hooks. Gradually and by time, as your waist gets smaller, start to tighten the hooks and when the waist trainer is eventually too wide for you, you get the smaller size down. I recommended getting waist trainers that have three set of hooks since it will last you a longer time and it’s a better value for money!

How often do I wear it?

I wear my waist trainer during the school day as I forget that I’m wearing it, so that’s about 6-9 hours per day, in addition to any time I workout. It is advised that you wear it for 4-6 hours per day for results. However, I always take it off while I’m eating, because I don’t want anything restricting that stomach! Also, when I’m home, while I sleep, and on weekends, I usually don’t wear it.


What are the different types of waist trainers? 

There are different types of waist trainers, the one I have is the sports trainer, it is flexible, and it is suitable to wear for working out. However, you should always make sure that the specific workout you are doing is okay to wear a waist trainer with. I never use the waist trainer while doing abdominal workouts because I don’t want them to be ‘interrupted’, I usually wear it when I workout my legs! Always make sure that you are safe, and you do your workout with the correct form, making sure that the waist trainer does not alter that in any way. The waist trainer also makes my core area sweat more, therefore releasing more toxins, and burning more calories.

There are other types of waist trainers, the most popular one being the latex waist trainer, which is the one I’m planning to get next! It is however more firm, more aggressive around the waist line but I really cannot wait to try it!

Effects I’ve noticed with waist training…

  • Great posture
  • Smaller, more defined waist
  • flatter stomach
  • It tends to push your bosom up
  • While working out, it definitely makes my core area sweat more, therefore releasing more toxins, and burning more calories

However, it is important to note that a waist trainer is not in any way a substitute for diet or exercise, it is more of an ‘enhancement’ or a ‘supplement’ to help you achieve the look you’re going for.

Any negatives? 

From my experience, there aren’t any significant negatives. While I wear it, I tend to eat a lot less, so I always take it off to eat with no limit or discomfort. Also, the slabs on the side occasionally dig into my hip bones but that doesn’t really bother me. Also, the results are not permanent, (just like how you diet, and you stop a diet, you gain the weight back on) so I integrate waist training as a part of my overall health routine. As I eat a healthy, balanced diet on a daily basis, the results are more permanent, because I’m not following the ‘easy come easy go’ dieting trailer, but my whole lifestyle is healthy which works best in the long term and to prolong my results.

 If you have any questions, what I eat, how I workout, or anything, please let me know in the comment section below! (It rhymes!) 😀 

Alternatively, you can email me on

Have an amazing day and smile because you’re a beautiful soul! ;D





3 thoughts on “My experience with waist training.

  1. Oh wow – you must be so determined and focused to always have it on! I guess I would get easily bored and would forget to wear it after few days lol xx

    1. Yeah I think it’s because I apply it during the school day or when I’m out so I almost forget that it’s on because my mind is occupied with other things. However, when I’m home, and relaxing, and I don’t want to have it on, I always take it off. It’s all about taking it bit by bit, and making sure you are comfortable. In addition, seeing the instant results of a good posture, and my stomach looking more intact, definitely keeps me motivated to wear it! 😀 xx

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