Chicken and Wild Rice with fried Apple…


I completely made this recipe up as I went along (there wasn’t much ingredients at home). I fried a white onion and a red onion in olive oil until soft and almost clear in colour then I rubbed the chicken in a Moroccan infusion of spices called Ras El Hanout and finally added it to the onions. As the chicken was turning white, I seasoned it with black pepper and salt. Meanwhile, I made a blend of a little bit of chocolate powder and brown sugar mixed with a bit of boiling water and added it to the chicken (I wanted to add vanilla too to add to the experimental aspects but I couldn’t find it – maybe next time). So far, the chicken was very juicy which was exactly what I want and then I put it in the oven until it fully cooked. I already had the wild rice cooked and I fried a diced apple in butter until golden. Finally, I added all the ingredients together on the plate making it look colourful and pretty (and of course I added greens!)

Pomegranate Bruschetta

pomegThis is super easy to do and super tasty!


– seeds from 1/2 a pomegranate

– goat’s cheese

-1 small baguette

-1 small onion (preferably red)

-olive oil

*The proportions rely on the amount of baguette you are using. The above are suitable for 1 small baguette.

If you have a grill, place the baguette in between the plates on a low heat setting so it gets thinner without burning. Alternatively, you can slice the baguette in two lengthways. In a pan, fry the onion in a bit of olive oil until golden. Scatter on top of the baguette and top with goat cheese slices. Place in the microwave on a high heat for just a few seconds until the cheese is hot and bubbling (make sure to watch the microwave to avoid over-bubbling and runny cheese!). Top with pomegranate seeds. Enjoy