Taking Risks

Take ‘riskseveryday. Risks can be anything from saying “hi” to a stranger, to talking in front of 2000 people spontaneously or even asking someone out. We all have our comfort zones and the more we get out of them, the bigger they get! I know individuals who can’t walk in a class when they’re late because they’ll get embarrassed in front of “all those people”, or others who refuse to walk in Harrods because they don’t look like they “fit in” and also people who refuse to make eye contact with teachers. Why squeeze in a little tight space when you can get out, explore and discover to widen your comfort zone? I’m not going to get into various reasons to take your risks. I’m going to say to just do it. Without too much thought, just do it. Taking risks is not an ability, it is simply a choice. Expanded your comfort zone? Hey, there’s more to roam!

What risks did you make today?


2 thoughts on “Taking Risks

  1. Great advice, but what if you took a risk on someone and they let you down more than you ever believed they could? How do you ever dare take a risk again?

    1. That’s a difficult situation, but you need to have the power to overcome it. Overcoming it may be hard but all it will do is pass away, just like any other moment in the day & it will also amplify your ego because you actually did it. Just get over that person, and remember that there are many more people that will have different outcomes, good and bad. You will always get another chance to take the same risk, and you should seek to take it again and again.

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